Our people, partners
and experts working in
Cherie, specialist biomedical scientist

Our people, partners
and experts working in
Kenneth, staff nurse

Our people, partners
and experts working in
Kuganesan, pathology team

Our people, partners
and experts working in
Charlotte, recruitment and retention nurse

The new hospital is led by senior clinicians and hospital staff with the support of carefully selected expert advisors to help us deliver this ambitious project on time and on budget.

Together this team bring the calibre, reputation and specialist experience to make the project a success.

Our people
Our new hospital is led by the people we trust to deliver the best modern healthcare: our clinicians. Together with our specialist staff they are driving transformation in care delivery, through our Models of Care and our broader improvement strategy PAH 2030. Our new hospital is being designed to provide the best environment in which this can happen.
Our partners
As part of the One Health and Care Partnership, we’re working with other healthcare providers and local authorities to improve health outcomes and services for local people.

Our new hospital plays a key part, and our partners are working closely with us to design a hospital that meets the future needs of our local population.
Our project team
Building a new hospital project is a huge undertaking, and we have a team of experts working alongside our people to make it a success.

Across project management, legal, access, IT and digital, planning, communications and engagement, our experts bring the experience and skill to make sure our new hospital will be the best it can be.
Our design team
We’re working with some of the world’s leading architects and designers to deliver a breakthrough hospital campus.

More than bricks and mortar, our design teams are creating internal and external structures and spaces that will transform the way we deliver care. And doing so in an environment that will meet the highest standards in modern methods of construction and sustainability.
Our community
We can’t do any of this without you! We need you at every step of the journey, whether you’re a patient, a carer, a visitor or one of our people.

You have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to influence the design of your new hospital. We invite you to be part of it so we can build our new hospital together.

What roles are needed in building a new hospital?

It takes a large team of experts across a wide range of professions to design, plan and build a new hospital like ours; from architects and engineers to traffic consultants and legal advisors. Each expert plays an important role and works closely with Trust staff.

Click on the individual job titles below to find out what they do.

  • Architects


    Architects lead the design of our new hospital,  making sure the structure, layout and form of the hospital building enables us to deliver the best experience for staff, patients and visitors.

  • Building services engineers

    Building services engineers

    Our building services engineer will design, install and maintain the services that allow our new hospital to do what it’s designed to.

  • Clinical advisers

    Clinical advisers

    A clinical advisor instructs and makes recommendations on medical issues to the non-clinical staff involved in building our new hospital. The design of any new hospital must be clinically-led, and ours is no different.

  • Communication and engagement specialist

    Communication and engagement specialist

    Our communications and engagement specialist makes sure that everyone who will benefit from the new hospital has the chance to get involved in its development; sharing their views and feedback and  being kept up to date with progress.

  • Cost consultants

    Cost consultants

    Cost consultants provide financial estimates and advice regarding the cost of construction work for our new hospital.

  • Digital / IMT specialists

    Digital / IMT specialists

    Our digital specialists make sure we can improve patient care and safety through the use of cutting-edge technologies such as medical devices, smart information systems and digital applications.
  • Equipping consultants

    Equipping consultants

    Equipping consultants help us procure – identify and then buy – the right goods, equipment and services to make sure our new hospital building has everything it needs to run effectively.

  • Financial advisers

    Financial advisers

    Our financial advisers help us keep control of our budget, helping our costs stay on track to make sure we deliver excellent value for our people and patients. They also make sure our new hospital continues to be affordable in the future.

  • Fire advisors

    Fire advisors

    Fire advisors work with us to make sure our new hospital will be safe from fire. They offer advice and education to reduce any risk and guide us on fire safety regulations.

  • Facilities management

    Facilities management

    Facilities managers are responsible for the security, maintenance and services of our new hospital  facilities. Essentially they look after all of the services that helps us do our work every day.

  • Healthcare planners

    Healthcare planners

    A healthcare planner looks at the health needs of the local population, and the way the hospital intends to deliver healthcare in the future. They use this information to calculate the facilities that should be included in our new hospital: the number of beds, treatment rooms, theatres, staff rest spaces etc.

  • Health & safety advisers

    Health & safety advisers

    Health and safety advisers are responsible for keeping everyone at our new hospital safe. They develop policies and procedures to make sure people aren’t harmed by their jobs, investigate and report accidents, and provide guidance to our management team on how to comply with the law.

  • Infection control specialists

    Infection control specialists

    Infection control specialists are vital in designing our new hospital to help us prevent and control the spread of infection. We have learnt alot about infection control during the COVID-19 pandemic and this is being carried into to our new hospital design.

  • Interior designers

    Interior designers

    Interior designers make the indoor spaces of our new hospital functional, safe, and beautiful. We want our internal spaces to support wellbeing and make the most of our connection to nature. This includes looking at colours, lighting,  materials and furniture.

  • Land agents

    Land agents

    Land agents are responsible for helping us negotiate and buy the land we want to build our new hospital on.  They give advice on legal and tax issues, as well as planning.

  • Landscape architect

    Landscape architect

    Our landscape architects are responsible for designing the range of beautiful outdoor spaces we will have on our new site. From exercise routes to quiet gardens to lushly planted walkways, they will help us make the most of our location and connection to nature. 

  • Legal advisors

    Legal advisors

    The build cost of a new hospital is many hundreds of millions of pounds. When a builder is appointed, we need to ensure that all parties understand their responsibilities, the key deliverables and agreed timeframe. This is done through a suite of legal documents produced by a specialist construction lawyer.

  • Mechanical electrical and plumbing engineers

    Mechanical electrical and plumbing engineers

    Mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers make sure our new hospital is supplied with the right power and water it needs to run safely. As an all electric hospital reducing its carbon footprint to zero, these engineers are incredibly important in the planning of our design.

  • Planning advisors

    Planning advisors

    Planning advisors work in the planning system (typically for the local planning authority) and help us meet the local planning requirements, including supporting us with our planning applications.

  • Procurement specialists

    Procurement specialists

    Our procurement specialists oversee the buying of materials, equipment and supplies. They manage our relationships with suppliers and make sure we are getting the best value for money.

  • Project managers

    Project managers

    Our project managers (PMs) are responsible for planning, organising, and monitoring the completion of the various strands of work that go into a complex new hospital building. They keep us on track, ensuring we are on time, on budget, and within scope.

  • Structural and civil engineers

    Structural and civil engineers

    Structural and civil engineers are vital because they ensure the structure of our new hospital can withstand the stresses and pressures imposed by us using it every day. They also make sure the right materials are used in building our new hospital.
  • Town planners

    Town planners

    Town planners help communities, companies and politicians decide on the best way to use land and buildings. Their main aim is achieving sustainability and balancing different social, environmental and economic issues when official decisions are made on whether land is built on or not.
  • Traffic consultants

    Traffic consultants

    Traffic consultants assess the catchment area for the hospital and how many patients are likely to use it depending on where the hospital is located. They also look at the number of vehicles that are likely to need to access the site so the appropriate level of parking and road systems can be provided.

  • Wayfinding consultants

    Wayfinding consultants

    Wayfinding consultants help develop the information systems that guide people through the hospital. 

    This is particularly important in a hospital, as patients and families who visit healthcare campuses are often under stress.

    Wayfinding systems can help reduce this stress by providing easy-to-follow signage, colours, symbols and legible directions to get them to where they need to be as quickly and easily as possible.

  • Workforce planner

    Workforce planner

    Our workforce planners analyse our current workforce and look at our future workforce needs, identifying what gaps we need to fill. In our new hospital, they will help us make sure we have the right number of people with the right skills employed in the right place at the right time, at the right cost and on the right contract.

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