Building a hospital
for the future.
Hanna, A&E team

Building a hospital
for the future.
Karl, porter

Building a hospital
for the future.
Luisa, physiotherapist

Building a hospital
for the future.
Daniella, ward sister

We have a once in a lifetime opportunity to build a new hospital that will transform healthcare for the people of Harlow and beyond.

The New Princess Alexandra Hospital will be a world-class facility delivering first-rate care for our patients and providing the best place to work for our people.

It will be a hospital for the future; one that will care for many generations to come.

Join us on this exciting journey to bring our new hospital to life. Together, we’re building #OurNewPAH

A new hospital for Harlow

Full funding for a new hospital for Harlow has been confirmed by the Government. A new hospital will transform the health of the local population and act as a catalyst for major economic growth in the region. But the opportunities it brings go deeper and further. A new Princess Alexandra Hospital will:

  • build a healthier future for Harlow, improving lives and outcomes
  • be a positive driver of regeneration in an area of significant need
  • address health inequality through the creation of local opportunities, jobs and growth
  • achieve carbon zero ahead of the NHS target date
  • achieve genuine transformation, delivering a new healthcare service model the NHS can learn from
  • be one of the first new hospitals to embrace everything the NHS has learned from the pandemic

Your feedback so far

We’ve asked you what matters in the design of our new hospital. Here’s what you think:

Hospitals should be energy efficient in their buildings and operations, leading the way in their local communities
Most of you say you are happy to use digital technology to support your journey to and around hospital
You want excellent accessibility and easy to use wayfinding, so that your arrival at hospital is calm and welcoming

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