Putting patients front and centre

Our patients should feel in control of their care, not defined by their illness.

We’ve developed new models of care to deliver the right care for them, at the right time and in the right place.

Changing the course of care

In our ambition to make your patient journey as seamless and efficient as it can be, we will bring key departments and clinical adjacencies closer together.

We’ll take a more intuitive approach to the internal layout of our new hospital to enable better resource sharing, stronger communication and more effective collaboration in delivering high quality care.

In turn, this will dramatically simplify and streamline the patient journey, so that time spent at hospital is as frictionless and stress-free as we can make it.

Alex’s journey

You feel unwell
You see your GP who refers you to a specialist
You wait for your appointment date to arrive by post
You come to hospital for an initial consultation and diagnostic tests are ordered
You attend hospital for diagnostic tests
You return to hospital for an appointment to discuss results and treatment
You regularly attend hospital for treatment and appointments with your doctor or consultant

What would make your patient journey better?

You want excellent accessibility and easy to use wayfinding, so that your arrival at hospital is calm and welcoming
The majority of you are very happy to use digital technology to support your visit to hospital and your overall patient journey

We will create

all emergency services in one single location close to diagnostics (particularly imaging) and theatres for emergency surgery
a centralised outpatient department close to diagnostics and day-case facilities, with some devolved outpatient spaces, such as women and children’s services
a centralised radiology function close to critical, high-volume settings such as outpatients, urgent care and theatres, with devolved imaging where it supports care delivery, such as maternity, emergency department and breast screening
a centralised women and children’s service covering women’s health, maternity and neonatal care, paediatrics and teenage and young adult services close to emergency services
a separation between elective care and non-elective care but with proximity to theatres and day-case facilities
a centralisation of cancer services away from other clinical areas to allow for treatment delivery in the event of a future pandemic
The right care, at the right time, by the right team, in the right place.
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