PAHT 2030

We are on the verge of a defining moment in PAHT’s history.

What lies ahead is a journey of transformation and improvement that will lead us successfully into the future, enabling us to deliver modern, integrated and outstanding care that keeps our growing and ageing population healthier.

Our new hospital is key to us being able to achieve this ambitious vision.

Our PAHT 2030 vision is to be modern, integrated and outstanding.

Our Priorities

Our five priorities provide the focus to achieving that vision over the next 10 years: transforming our care, our culture, digital health, corporate transformation and our new hospital.

Our objectives

Our five core objectives: patients, people, performance, places and pounds hold us to account, keeping us grounded in reality and challenging us to keep improving the experience for our patients, visitors and people.

Our values

And throughout everything we do, we are guided at all times by our values: patient at heart, everyday excellence and creative collaboration.

Some health facts about our population

  • 1 in 5 Harlow adults smoke which is above the national average
  • More than 1 in 5 Harlow 4-5 year olds are overweight or obese which is the same as the national average
  • Every year there are 1,800 cancer cases and 750 cancer deaths in West Essex CCG
  • 8.5% of the population in West Essex CCG have diabetes and 8% in East and North Herts CCG

Our PAHT 2030 priorities

New hospital
A world-class hospital for the future, providing first-rate care for our patients and the best place to work for our people
Transforming our care
The most up to date and expert care designed to meet the individual needs of the patient, where and when they need it
Our culture
Fostering and nurturing an environment where our people are engaged, listened to, supported and helped to grow
Digital health
Harnessing new technology and digital solutions to transform patient care and improve how we work
Corporate transformation
Modernising our corporate services to support our clinical teams in providing outstanding care

What this means for our people

Our people are key to driving this strategy forward, and through creative collaboration we will achieve our vision.

Staff will be proud of the work that they do and feel valued and respected.

Staff will be listened to and their ideas, issues and concerns acted upon to deliver real change.

Staff will be supported to learn and develop, fulfilling their personal and career ambitions.

The uniqueness of our people will be celebrated, and there will be equality of opportunity to grow, develop and achieve.

Staff will work in a high quality environment with world leading technology that helps deliver excellence everyday.

What this means for our patients

Our patients are at the heart of this strategy, and we will provide them with the best care and outcomes.

Quicker diagnosis and faster access to services whoever or wherever they are.

Innovative and responsive care in different settings, including patients’ homes, the community and our new hospital.

Holistic care with increased self-management and prevention support to help them remain healthier for longer and out of hospital.

Accessible services tailored to the needs of our population with easy access and a seamless patient experience.

Our Values

Creative collaboration
Creative collaboration knowing strength comes from diversity, we combine our experiences, skills and talents, working together to find new and better ways to care
Patient at heart
Patient at heart always holding the patient and their wellbeing at the centre of our thoughts and efforts
Everyday excellence
Everyday excellence sharing and celebrating our successes, being honest when we get it wrong, giving us the ability to learn from both
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