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FAQs last updated: October 2022

Why are you building a New Princess Alexandra Hospital?
What is the vision for the New Princess Alexandra Hospital?
What stage are you at and when will it be built?
How much will it cost to build?
Who is funding the cost of the new hospital?
Where will the new hospital be built?
What will relocating to a new site mean in terms of travel for Harlow residents?
Will I be able to park?
What will happen to the current site, will it be sold for housing?
What services will be provided at the new hospital?
How many beds will the new hospital have?
What hospital-provided services will remain in Harlow town centre and at the St Margaret’s and Herts and Essex sites?
Will extra services be put in place in the community to reduce demand on the hospital?
What impact is the Covid-19 pandemic having on the design of the new hospital?
What will the new hospital look like?
Will the new hospital be environmentally friendly?
Will you be able to increase space in the new hospital if you need to in the future?
How can I get involved?
How will I know my views make a difference?
Can I submit a new question not answered here?

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