Our progress towards a new hospital

Our ambition is that our hospital is more than just a hospital. It will deliver modern, outstanding, integrated healthcare, but it will be much more than that. It will be part of the community it serves. We want the hospital to have space for people to relax, an atmosphere that supports loved ones at difficult times and an environment that attracts the best to work in our team.

We will be developing the inside and outside space for use by the whole community. We will be working with partners, staff and patients in the coming months with a massive engagement programme to understand what they want and need our amazing new hospital to deliver for them. Watch out for future updates so your voice can be heard.

How do we get there?

The first step is to develop an outline business case (OBC). For this we will have to define our clinical model, develop the master plan (how the buildings fit) for the site and detailed 1:200 drawings which show all the departments, the rooms and the landscaping.

Then we must complete a full business case (FBC), which is the final design of the building and all the intricate details, including fixtures and fittings and design details. After this stage, we can start to build our amazing new hospital.

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