Our engagement plans

Your chance to shape our future

There has been an outstanding response to the first call to clinicians, nurses and operational staff to get involved in the development of the future model of care. This is also extended to all of our staff who deliver the care and to those who support them.

Engaging with our patients, people, health and social care partners and stakeholders is underway and this will continue to grow and expand as we take planning for the new hospital forward. We have begun this large-scale engagement plan by asking people how they want the hospital building to look and feel, how they will access the building and what is important for us to include in the design of the building.

We want you all to be part of this journey, so please take the opportunity to get involved.

Design brief

Work on the exciting plans to develop the design brief for the new hospital are being finalised and include ideas and suggestions from our patients and people who have visited the hospital, which is vital in ensuring that the architects have the details they need to produce an outline design of the proposed new hospital structure and facilities.


This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to build one of the best hospitals in the country. We have all worked hard to gain this opportunity, so now it’s time to get involved – be part of our future.

Get in touch

If you would like to get involved in sharing your ideas and suggestions and letting people in the community know how to join in please contact: paht.newhospital@nhs.net

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